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Be Active

Being active (Be Active) as you age helps maintain your health, independence, balance and is the best way to reduce your risk of falling. Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines recommend that older adults aged 65 years and older accumulate at least 150 minutes of moderate-to vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity per week to achieve health benefits, and improve functional abilities.  

FREE Exercise Classes for Older Adults available in Timiskaming - (65+) who would like to stay active and independent.

  •  A variety of class types that run twice a week for the year
  • No registration required. Drop-ins welcome! 

Stand Up! is a program proven to prevent falls and fracture among independent seniors who live in the community and are concerned about falling or their balance. The program is free and occurs twice a week for 12 weeks and consists of group exercises, exercises at home and information sessions on fall prevention.  

The objectives of the program are:
      • Improve balance of and increase strength of participants lower limbs; 
      • Enable participants to adopt safer behaviours and learn how to ensure that their home environment is safe;
      • Increase participants sense of confidence with regards to fall prevention; and 
      • Encourage participants to stay physically active

For more information on the 12 week sessions in Timiskaming, contact the host agencies - Stand Up Classes in Timiskaming

From Soup to Tomatoes is a free chair based exercise program that is offered online. 
For information on how to join from home click here

If you are interested in joining a group class in New Liskeard contact Eleanor Katona at 705-647-8002 (Riverside Place), for Cobalt contact Therese Tasse at 705-679-5525 (Golden Age Club).
To host this program in your community, check out this Implementation Guide From Soup to Tomatoes How To Guide.

Nordic Pole Walking – Walking is a great form of exercise, and helps to improve overall health and wellness.
Pole walking has become a popular choice for older adults. It can help to improve balance, posture and reduce impact of painful joints while using 90% of your body’s muscles turning walking into movement for your whole body.  

Poles are available to borrow from local public libraries, Pool and Fitness Centre, KL Complex, Englehart Arena and Timiskaming Diabetes Program. Give it a try today! To join a FREE pole walking program, contact Stephanie Bowdrey at 705-647-6100.

Home Based Exercises - If joining a group exercise class doesn't interest you, consider exercising in the comfort of your home. These simple exercises will help you improve strength, balance and posture. http://www.osteoporosis.ca/wp-content/uploads/OC-Too-Fit-to-Fall-or-Fracture.pdf