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Vaccines & Immunizations

Vaccines remain the safest and most cost -effective way to protect against many different diseases and illnesses. The best protection comes from being vaccinated according to the Ontario schedule  

Staying up to date with all doses of vaccines is important for each age and stage of life.  

To learn more about how, and when, to get vaccinated or immunized to protect against preventable diseases, please visit this link

Immunization Fact Sheets 

Vaccination is the best way to protect your child's health

Parents are responsible for the well-being of their children, including protecting them from illness caused by diseases that are vaccine-preventable. Learn about vaccination and why it is important to your child's health, A Parent's Guide to Vaccination.  

Please note: Health care professionals, including doctors, do not report immunization dates to the Health Unit. Parents must report the dates of their children's immunizations to the Health Unit if they attend day care or school. You can report your child’s immunizations through the ICON portal


Every year, public health nurses look at the records for students in licensed child cares, elementary and secondary schools. This is done to make sure students are up to date with vaccines in order to ensure the health of everyone attending. If your child's record is not complete or not up-to-date, you may receive a letter, asking for the information. 


Child Care & Early Years Act & the Immunization of School Pupiles Act


Children Attending Child Care

If your child is in day care, the health unit and the day care both need to keep the information on file, please send a copy to each. 


School-Age Students

If your child is in school, please do not bring immunization information to the school, as they are not required to keep the information on file. The health unit is the only place where immunization records are kept.

If you are unable to get your records, call to discuss your options, 1 (866) 747-4305.

Note about suspensions: your child may get a suspension notice if the health unit does not receive immunization information that was asked for. As soon as the health unit receives the information, the child will no longer be suspended. Schools cooperate with the health unit with this process and must suspend your student if the health unit does not receive the information, in order to follow the law.

Getting Your Records

Every time that you or your child receives an immunization, you should receive a record of that vaccine. Keep that information in a safe place. Your health care provider can write vaccines into the record for you, and you should keep the card with you as your personal record.