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De nombreuses façons d'améliorer votre santé.


Dietitians in public health:

=          Focus on improving health and preventing disease in the population as a whole

=          With community health partners, they raise awareness about healthy eating at every stage of life.

=          Plan, coordinate, deliver and evaluate educational and skill building nutrition programs.

=          Advocate for and provide support for creating healthier eating environments.

=          Are involved in public health nutrition monitoring, surveillance, and research1.

There are also Registered Dietitians within the community that can help you with your individual needs. These can be anything from nutrition counselling, managing a chronic disease (diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, etc.), helping you and your family at achieving a better lifestyle, etc.

Where to reach a dietitian in your community

1)      If you are registered with a family health team and looking to receive nutrition counseling, please contact your family health team to make an appointment with a Registered Dietitian. A referral is not required.

2)      If you have diabetes and are looking to receive nutrition counseling, please contact the Timiskaming Diabetes Program to make an appointment with a Registered Dietitian.

3)      Le Centre de santé Communautaire du Temiskaming also provides nutrition counseling services with a Registered Dietitian.

If you are unable to access any of these dietitians’ services, you may also contact Eat Right Ontario. They have Registered Dietitians who take your questions over the telephone or email and will help you get the answers you are looking for, for free. Their website has information about nutrition that will help support you in living a healthy lifestyle.

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