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Nutrition Month

Nutrition Month 2019 - Grocery Store Tours

March is Nutrition Month and the Registered Dietitians across Timiskaming will be offering Grocery Store Tours to the community. While grocery store tours are a great way to build skills in navigating our complex food environment, this type of activity is not usually publicly available in the community.

In these 1-1.5 hours long tours, participants will be guided by a dietitian through a grocery store, in a group of 12 participants (maximum), and learn about:

  • Food labels and how to use them to make healthy choices.
  • How to make the best of the store layout.
  • How to save some money while making healthy choices.
  • How food marketing influences our food choices.
  • What is new about the Canada’s Food Guide and how to adopt it.

To learn more about dates, locations and how to register please check the event posters:

Join us! There are over 100 spots open!



Happy Nutrition Month!


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Find answers to your nutrition questions

Find nutrition information with Eat Right Ontario! – Note: All services provided by Eat Right Ontario are available only until March 31st, 2018. Contact the Timiskaming Health Unit Registered Dietitians to learn more about other sources of reliable nutrition information.  

EatRight Ontario is here to provide advice on daily choices that will help you live well and stay healthy all year. This service provides easy-to-use nutrition information from registered dietitians to make healthier food choices easier for you. EatRight Ontario gives the people of Ontario more ways to connect with a registered dietitian and get trusted advice on healthy eating for free. 

Here are two easy ways to reach a registered dietitian:

Check out these others links for helpful information:

Materials on this webpage: Adapted from The Dietitians of Canada’s Nutrition Month Campaign Materials.