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Food Insecurity


Food insecurity has a serious negative impact on health

Being food insecure means that one does not have access to the food they need. The stress of not being able to eat healthy food (or sometimes any food at all) usually leads to health problems. The main reason why people are food insecure is not having enough money. To solve this problem we need to focus on demanding proper income levels that match the cost of living. This will help bring back dignity to all individuals and families that are food insecure.


Food insecurity and cost of eating well in the Timiskaming Health Unit area

In Ontario 7.9% of all families don`t have access to the food they need. In the Timiskaming Health Unit area the number goes up to 8.5%, while 16.6% of individuals said they live with low income.

For a better idea of the struggle people and families living in food insecurity live through, read THU’s 2016 report.

Every year THU figures out the cost of healthy eating in our area. The results show that people living in low income have a hard time making ends meet. After paying for things such as housing and hydro, little is left over for food and often people will not buy enough food for healthy eating.

For more information: Cost of Eating Well in Timiskaming 2016 - Report

Cost of Eating Well in Timiskaming 2016 - infographic

What to do?

Because the main cause for food insecurity is not enough income, the solution is to ask for and support projects that lead to increasing income for these individuals. One of these projects is the Basic Income guarantee, which gives each citizen a stable source of income. Work is being done to test this idea in Ontario.

More information:

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