You have the right to breastfeed anywhere, anytime. We can help you when you return to work, or you are an employer wanting to know more.

You have protected rights as a breastfeeding mother by the Ontario Human Rights Commission. You can breastfeed anywhere, anytime. No one can stop you from breastfeeding because you are in a public area. You should never be asked to cover up, be more discreet or move to another area.

If you are breastfeeding and returning to work your employer should help with any needs you have to breastfeed or express your milk. You have the right to be free from discrimination from your employer, coworkers and clients. It may be important to remind your workplace that breastfeeding helps to keep you a valuable employee.

If you are an employer you’ll benefit by offering a workplace supportive of breastfeeding by having improved worker productivity, morale and loyalty while having less absenteeism and staff. 

This document can help you to create a breastfeeding friendly workplace (OPHA) and see our workplaces section of t This information from the Ontario Human Rights Commission provides more information on your rights in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Full colour brochure here.