Being active (Be Active) as you age helps maintain your health, independence, balance and is the best way to reduce your risk of falling. Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines recommend that older adults aged 65 years and older accumulate at least 150 minutes of moderate-to vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity per week to achieve health benefits, and improve functional abilities.  

Local partners have joined together to develop an inventory of physical activity opportunities for older adults in Timiskaming. Listings are mostly free of charge, group classes that focus on balance, strength and flexibility. Please encourage the older adults you engage with to participate in one of these classes.  They will benefit both physically and socially by getting active in their community.

The fully bilingual guide is below.  Please use this resource to find a program that’s right for you or for the older adult in your life!  


Keep moving in the winter months to stay strong, help your balance and give you more energy. Winter Walking - Enjoy and Be Safe.


Testimonials on physical activity

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