Children Need to Move Every Day!

Children and youth benefit from regular physical activity in many ways. Physical activity supports children in developing healthy bodies, positive self esteem and good mental health. Active children also tend to sleep better, learn better and get better grades.

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24-Hour Movement Guideline    

ParticipACTION Report Card: Physical Activity for Children & Youth                         


Video: Have a Ball Together! Tips for Families 



Get outside, get active, have fun!

Tips to get kids active (5-11 years)      Tips to get youth active (12-17 years) 


Just like reading and writing, children also need to learn how to move!

Physical literacy means kids have the basic skills to move in different ways. This makes it easier for them to learn new ways to be active and play sports. 

Mastering movement and sport skills help kids feel more comfortable and confident when being physically active.

More information: Active for Life

Active Start Tip Sheet:


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