Do you think you might be pregnant? Is it planned or unplanned?

The first step is to find out for sure by having a pregnancy test done.

Pregnancy test options:

  • Make an appointment with your health care provider;
  • Buy a pregnancy test kit from a pharmacy or other retailer;
  • If you are a student, go to student health services;
  • Call for an appointment at Timiskaming Health Unit’s Sexual Health Clinic at 1-866-747-4305. 

Options Counseling 

Many women face unplanned pregnancies. It is common to experience fear and anxiety during this time. Talk to someone you can trust such as your partner, a family member, a teacher, a nurse, or a best friend.

The Timiskaming Health Unit’s Sexual Health Clinic offers free counseling to help you understand your options and help you find the assistance and services that you will need once you make your decision.

For more information regarding pregnancy support and options, please visit this link