The Sexual Health Team at The Timiskaming Health Unit is committed to providing a safe space for all individuals seeking sexual health services.    

  • Sexual Orientation describes who you are attracted to emotionally, physically and sexually. You may be attracted to members of the same sex, opposite sex or both sexes. Sexuality is a diverse spectrum. 
  • Sexual orientation can be described as being: gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual,2-spirited, intersexed, queer and questioning. Your sexuality can evolve throughout your lifetime.
  • Gender identity refers to how one thinks of one’s own gender.
  • Gender roles describe the traditional roles society expects males and females to act.
  • Gender expression is the way people communicate their gender through speech, clothes, mannerisms, etc.
  • Homophobia is against the law in Canada. It is any extreme negative attitudes, feelings or beliefs towards homosexuality. Homophobia can be present in jokes, comments, or by rejecting friends and family members who come out. Homophobia can even lead up to physical violence. If you are experiencing discrimination or harassment, we can help you.

You are welcome to discuss these topics with our sexual health nurses.

Don’t forget you can always chat with your school nurses about any of these topics.

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