Stop Measles from travelling to Canada

See Public Health Ontario link here. 


If you are planning a trip, consider getting the measles vaccine – it’s not just for children.

Measles circulates in many regions of the world but cases soared in Europe last year and outbreaks continue to occur.

Measles has been eliminated in the Americas, but outbreaks occurred in California, Ontario, and Quebec in recent years.

In 2017/18, reported cases of Measles in Canada, including Ontario, originated from travellers.

Measles is considered one of the most contagious infectious diseases.  It is spread when infected people cough and sneeze. Those droplets make their way into the nose, mouth, and throat of the people around them. The virus also survives on surfaces for about 2 hours.

Children under 5 years are most at risk for complications from measles such as ear infection, pneumonia, and more rarely, encephalitis.

Measles can be easily prevented with the safe and effective MMR vaccine (combined measles, mumps, rubella). In Ontario, two doses of MMR vaccine are provided routinely to all children at 12 months and at 4-6 years of age. Infants travelling prior to their first birthday can receive MMR at 6 months of age.  Additional doses will be required after the first birthday.

Adults with 1 dose of MMR are eligible to receive a second dose if they are travelling to areas where disease is a concern.

To protect our communities and stop the spread of measles, vaccine coverage rates need to be high at 99%. Ontario falls just short of this in school-aged children. 

Help keep Ontario free of Measles – its easy – just get immunized. Call Timiskaming Health Unit or your health care provider.