Let's work together to end stigma. Stop the blame. Stop the shame. Stop the stigma. 

The Campaign

Timiskaming Health Unit (THU) is launching a bilingual anti-stigma campaign, called Let’s work together to: Stop the shame. Stop the blame. Stop the stigma (#stopstigmanorth). The anti-stigma campaign aims to create awareness around drug use and drug-related stigma experienced by individuals who use drugs and help remove the stereotypes associated with individuals who use drugs.

Stigma is any attitude, belief or behaviour that discriminates against people and often emerges in the form of derogatory language that shames and belittles people. A substance use disorder is a health condition, and people should not be defined by their illness or health condition. Stigmatizing language is inaccurate, hurtful, disempowering and one of the biggest barriers to accessing treatment

Although drug use can disproportionately affect certain groups, it can affect anyone. People who use drugs are our neighbours, co-workers, relatives and friends. People who use drugs can be doctors, hunters, artists, students and educators. It is THU’s goal to challenge our perceptions and encourage people to start a conversation about stigma. 

There are many resources available on for people to educate themselves about stigma, its devastating effects and what can done to help end stigma. As a community, we all have a role to play in addressing the stigma faced by people who use drugs.
This initiative has been adapted from the Community Drug Strategy of North Bay and from the Government of British Columbia – Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions.


Please feel free to use and share any of the following resources:

11x17 Poster - English  |  French

11x17 Poster - English  |  French

11x17 Poster - English  |  French

11x17 Poster - English  | French

11x17 Poster - English  | French

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Stigma Online Learning (Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction) 

Understanding Stigma: A free online course for healthcare providers and other frontline clinicians (Canadian Addictions and Mental Health)

Overcoming Stigma Through Language: A Primer (Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction)

Changing the Language of Addiction [Fact Sheet](Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction)

Changing How We Talk About Substance Use (Government of Canada)