Travel recommendations 

At this time, we are advising Timiskaming residents and people visiting our district to use caution if traveling.

Travel considerations:

  • Do not travel if you are sick.
  • Avoid travel to high-risk areas unless for essential reasons. Before you go, check the area's COVID-19 case numbers to determine your risk, or visit the website of the public health unit in the area that you are traveling to. Data for Ontario is available here.
  • Check travel advisories for your destination, since there may be variation between provinces. Learn more about Canadian provincial and territorial restrictions.
  • During your trip, follow public health guidelines. Follow gathering limits, wash your hands frequently, and clean frequently-touched surfaces.
  • Plan what you will do if you get sick, including how you will get food, prescriptions, and other items that you need. Visitors to Timiskaming can find information here about what to do it you develop symptoms.

Traveling internationally and unsure about the requirements?

Here’s where to find the information that you need:

Departing from Canada: You may need to know if your destination requires COVID-19 testing, what kind of test they accept, and if there are any other requirements. This information may be found in English and French on the website of your airline. We also recommend checking the website of your destination country. 

Arriving to Canada: Visit the Government of Canada Travel webpage, It provides information about testing and quarantine requirements. This includes information about who is exempt from quarantine, what to do if you test positive after you arrive in Canada, and the extra precautions that all travelers to Canada must take for 14 days upon arrival. Note that children aged 5-11 who are unvaccinated and have returned from international travel in the past 14 days must wear a mask in all indoor public settings (including schools), even if exempt from quarantine.

Looking for local resources: This webpage has been created to provide local resources. For information about getting a COVID-19 test before departing from Canada, read the section “Travel by plane,” below.

International travel

Although masks are no longer required in most settings for the general public, according to federal travel requirements, children aged 5-11 who are unvaccinated and have returned from international travel in the past 14 days must wear a mask in all indoor public settings (including schools), even if exempt from quarantine.

The Government of Canada recommends using caution while travelling. You should be fully vaccinated by completing a COVID-19 vaccine series in Canada or abroad at least 14 days before travelling. Be aware that although you are better protected against serious illness if you are vaccinated, you may still be at risk of infection from COVID-19. If you’re unvaccinated, you remain at increased risk of being infected with and spreading COVID-19 when travelling internationally. 

Travel by plane

Some destinations require COVID-19 tests prior to travel. Check with your airline for information about restrictions and the type of test required. Additional information may be available on the travel webpage of your destination country.

There are three options for testing: 

1. (Most common) Asymptomatic international travel test (PCR Test):

  • NEOMO: Offered in Sudbury. Book online at Test costs $205 + tax. Results available within 24 hours. Open 7 days a week. 
  • LifeLabs: Only offered at select locations in southern Ontario at this time. Book online at or call 1-877-404-0637. Test costs $199 + tax and takes approximately 48-72 hours to get results. 
  • Timmins Hospital. To book, call 705-267-2131, Ext. 2087 or Ext. 2161. For international travel, test costs $199 + tax and offers results the next day at 10 a.m. For domestic travel, tests are free and result times may vary. 

2. Asymptomatic international travel test (ANTIBODY BLOOD Test). (Only some countries require this.):

  • LifeLabs: Offered at any LifeLabs location. Book online at or call 1-877-404-0637. Test costs $75 and takes 48-72 hours to get results.

3. If the destination allows a RAPID ANTIGEN TEST, click here for testing options.