Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB)

What is Community Safety and Well-Being?

The Ministry of Solicitor General defines community safety and well-being as “the ideal state of a sustainable community where everyone is safe, has a sense of belonging, opportunities to participate, and where individuals and families are able to meet their needs for education, health care, food, housing, income, and social and cultural expression.” This emphasizes that community safety and well-being are more than just having our basic needs met and being free from crime. Rather, it encompasses the social determinants of health and many aspects of our social, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Improving safety and well-being in the Timiskaming District requires a collaborative approach that will involve many community partners working together with the municipalities in the district, towards changes that will benefit all residents of Timiskaming.

The Timiskaming Community Safety and Well-Being Plan (CSWB)Timiskaming District Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

Community Safety and Well-Being Plans are provincially legislated for municipalities in Ontario under the Comprehensive Ontario Police Services Act, 2019. The Timiskaming Community Safety and Well-Being Plan was developed for the intended use of all 23 municipalities in the Timiskaming District and the Municipality of Temagami, with the support and contribution of multiple agencies and organizations in the Timiskaming District, with direct input from the district’s residents. 

The Timiskaming District’s CSWB Plan focuses on how partners can work collaboratively across different sectors towards a shared commitment to making Timiskaming District a safer, more inclusive and connected community where all residents thrive.

Timiskaming CSWB Plan Priority Areas

Timiskaming District’s CSWB Plan consists of goals and supporting actions that fall within the four levels of intervention – social development, prevention, risk intervention, and incident response. A combination of research, a review of existing data and community reports, and input from system leaders and community stakeholders was used to identify where to focus collaborative efforts for the Timiskaming District’s CSWB Plan. 

Through this process, six priority areas of focus were selected:

  1. Health & Well-being 
  2. Housing 
  3. Employment & Economy 
  4. Addressing Poverty 
  5. Community Safety 
  6. Environment & Sustainability

Timiskaming CSWB Updates

6-month update (Feb. 2024

This page will be updated with more information on the progress of the Timiskaming CSWB Plan’s implementation quarterly, or when urgent information is available.

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