Planet Youth Timiskaming Within the Planet Youth approach, risk and protective factors are defined within four major domains of intervention: parents and family, leisure time and local community, peer group and school.

Planet Youth is based on the Icelandic Prevention Model, a world-renowned approach to reduce alcohol and drug use among young people and improve their wellbeing. 

Planet Youth empowers communities to work together to address the root causes of early substance use. The approach aims to create healthy communities for children and youth, with a focus on strengthening protective factors such as positive relationships with family and friends, involvement in extracurricular activities, and school engagement.  

Using the Planet Youth approach, communities in Timiskaming will gain valuable insights into the health and wellbeing of young people, implement effective solutions, and track changes over time.

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January 2024Janvier 2024

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 Planet Youth Survey

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Erika Aelterman
Public Health Promoter
Timiskaming Health Unit
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