Senior getting a vaccineTake steps to reduce your risk of infection from Respiratory Illness. 

Stay safe this respiratory illness season and prevent unnecessary visits to the hospital by getting your flu and COVID-19 shots as soon as they are available to you. It is safe to get a COVID-19 and flu shot at the same time. 

This year, our community flu clinics will occur in conjunction with our COVID-19 community clinics.

Looking to get your flu and COVID-19 shots and wondering when you can receive them?

Note: High-dose flu vaccines and adjuvanted flu vaccines are recommended for people aged 65+. They are available at community clinics from October 10 to October 19 and through your primary care provider after October 23, 2023. Participating pharmacies also carry the high-dose vaccine and adjuvanted flu vaccines. 

All flu vaccines protect against the flu, and the most important thing is for older adults to be vaccinated. Do not delay vaccination to wait for a particular product.  

Looking to get your COVID-19 and Flu vaccine?  


The Ministry of Health recommends the following groups receive an additional vaccine dose this spring:

  • Adults aged 65 and older,
  • Adult residents of long-term care homes and other senior living communities,
  • Individuals aged 6 months and up, who are moderately to severely immunocompromised due to an underlying condition or treatment, or
  • Individuals aged 55 and older who are First Nations, Inuit or Metis, and their non-Indigenous household members who are 55 years and older.

The spring booster is particularly important for those at higher risk of severe illness, especially if they missed the fall 2023 vaccine.

If you do not fall into the above categories, stay tuned for further guidance from the Ministry of Heath.

For an in-office appointment call your local health unit:

  • New Liskeard office: 1-866-747-4305
  • Kirkland Lake office: 1-866-967-9355
  • Englehart office: 1-877-544-2221

Participating pharmacies and your primary health care provider also carry COVID-19 and flu vaccines: 


For an in-office flu shot, call your local health unit office, and speak to reception.

  • New Liskeard office: 1-866-747-4305
  • Kirkland Lake office: 1-866-967-9355
  • Englehart office: 1-877-544-2221 

Do you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccines? Our clinic is staffed with knowledgeable healthcare workers who would be happy to answer your questions, or please call THU at 866-747-4305 or your health care provider to find out more.

For more information on Influenza vaccine, please visit our Seasonal Influenza webpage.

For more information on COVID-19 vaccines, please visit our COVID-19 Vaccine webpage.